History of Baccarat

History of Baccarat

At present Baccarat is one of the most played games over the Internet even though it was invented back in the 1400s in Italy, by Felix Falguiere. Back then the game was considered as a card game for the noble class. Do you know the word Baccarat was originated from baccara which literally means zero, or the loss which people have to suffer while playing the game? Though the game was invented in Italy, Live Baccarat gained much popularity once it was introduced in France.

History of Baccarat

How the legendary game of Baccarat got evolved?

Some of the historians also stated that the game was very popular among the soldiers of Charles VIII. During the medieval period, people preferred to play Live Baccarat through Tarot cards, which were later replaced by a regular deck of cards. The game was introduced in the US during the 19th century, by French as well as English immigrants. Back then, American citizens didn’t favour Baccarat much as they were habitual of playing Blackjack and various other poker games.

Re-introduction of Baccarat into the US

Baccarat was able to make its influence on the American citizens after it was reintroduced in the country by the name of Punto Banco. This name for Live Baccarat was coined by a Cuban citizen named Tommy Renzoni. Mr Renzoni introduced Punto Banco at one of the casinos of Las Vegas. After playing the game in various casinos, the Americans designed their own version of the game called Mini-Baccarat.

Influence of Baccarat on European citizens

European citizens kept on playing two traditional and longer versions of Baccarat, named as Baccarat en Banque as well as Chemin de Fer. In England, the French version of Baccarat, named Chemin de Fer is played the most. This version of Baccarat is more lengthy and complicated and it also requires three dealers to handle the game in a proper manner. In this version, players have to take various turns and in the middle, they are also supposed to play the role of the banker.

Thus, in most of the casinos around the globe one will be able to find three versions of Live Baccarat. At present day, many online betters prefer to play Baccarat on their mobile phone and laptops as many websites have made an electronic version of the game. The online gambling industry flourished during the late 90s and Baccarat is considered as the first choice of bettors.

Hands valuation

In the world of Live Baccarat, there are 52 cards, minus jokers. Cards 2 to 9 have a face value, on the other hand, ten, jack, king and queen possess no face value. The ace in Baccarat has a value equal to one. When one has to estimate the value of the hand, then he or she has to add the value of the card and have to consider the rightmost digit of the sum. For example, if you have an Ace and 9 then the sum would be 10 and your face value for the whole hand would be 0.

How to play Baccarat?

In the game of Baccarat, one can place three different types of bets viz. player, banker or tie. After one places a bet in Live Baccarat, a player, as well as a banker, get two different cards. If a player gets a cards’ face value below 5 then he or she has to hit over the value. In the game, after a player makes his or her hand, it’s up to the banker whether he stands or may even hit. After the completion of the hands, the face value of the cards is calculated and the one which is higher gets to win.


Name: History of Baccarat
Author : Isla Walker
Published Date: 28/05/2019